Priročnik in pravila: Priročnik za trenerje – RZS Trener I.   ||   Pravila za igranje Flag Rugby U10



1V1 Scrum Game (touch or contact)

Wide Touch

Two ball end ball

Tag Thief

Switch Loop Pass Exercise

Split-up Touch

Single Try Touch Line

Single Try Line Touch

Simple Passing

Side-on Tackle Activity

Sharks and Fishes 2

Sharks and Fishes (touch)

Sharks and Fishes (Tackling)

Sharks and Fishes (on knees tackle)

Rugby Tennis

Rugby Rounders

Ruck Touch Rugby

Ruck Touch Rugby 2

Ruck n’ Roll

Ruck around the clock

Rob the nest

Relay Races Pairs

Rear Tackle Activity

Rats and Rabbits

Pyramid Attack

Pyramid Attack 2

Pop off ground touch

Passing Gauntlet

Parramatta Touch Rugby

Paired Kicking

Overload Touch

Overload Touch 2

Offload Touch Rugby

Offload Touch Rugby 2

Number Touch

Multi directional relay races – ball familiarisation

Multi Direction End Ball

Middle Man Passing Relay

Middle Man Passing Realy (with defender)

Lineout Move and Catch

Lineout End Ball

Lineout Circle

L Shape Passing Practice

Group touch

Grid tackles

Front-on Tackle Activity

End Ball

End Ball 2

Drop Off Touch

Drop Down Touch

Double Line Touch

Diamond Offload

Corner Ball

Continuous passing practice

Contact game – nearest 3 in

Colour touch

Coaching the tackle

Channel Challenge 2

Channel Challenge 1

Breakout Touch Rugby

Breakout Touch Rugby 2

Ball Presentation Touch

Any direction touch (4 goals)

5 pass game

4 v 2 continous touch rugby

3V3 breakdown challenge

2 V 2 Breakout 1V1 Scrum Practice